Fault Finding

There is a generally recognised method of approaching fault-finding , which is referred to as the 5-Point FaultFinding approach… the most important factor in this method concerns attaining as much ‘information’ as possible regarding the ‘cause & effect’ of the fault, as follows….

  1. Gather Information – Ask as many people as possible who where there,  when & how the fault occurred
  2. Analyse Information – decide the probable cause based on past experience & training
  3. Investigate – now attempt to find the fault from your analysis
  4. Rectify – once found, safely repair the fault
  5. Test – when the fault is put right & restored, test your work before re-energising

We can help with fault finding in any commercial of domestic property, whether its faulty wiring or lighting issues, we can help quickly identify and resolve all electrical problems in your property at the lowest price in town.

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